3000 Miles of Blood, E.M.M.A. & Laura Solarii & the Celestial Flame [Upcoming fiction by Meryl S. Kavanagh]

Today I want to talk about three completely new projects that I am working on simultaneously. Firstly, you might be thinking, “Three books at once? Is that even remotely possible?!” Yes, yes it is. It’s kind of a mind-mixer to attempt, but if you know me and the frequency at which I used to release work (3-4 years apart), you also know that I need to increase the pace of released fiction.

It is literally the only way to stay consistent and to keep a steady readership. Plus, I’ve seen independent authors pump out multiple books a month ranging from like, 2,000 words all the way up to 100,000 (although a 100,000 word story is a huge undertaking and I’m not sure I would attempt something like that with three projects on my plate).

Before I share my working synopses for all three stories, I want to share both my Patreon (where patrons can gain access to advance copies of my work before they’re released for as
little as one dollar a month, and show their support) and my Wattpad profile, where you can preview my previous work and watch [almost] live as I write new stories.

Patreon is great for creators, especially independent creators looking to generate a stable income from their work (in a society where art and creativity is highly undervalued) and Wattpad is basically a Youtube for fiction. Absolutely follow both accounts (Patreon can be followed without patron status, if that is what you wish).

I’ll be sort of using Patreon as a central hub for updates about my work and what I’m doing, outside of my Twitter where I pretty much just spout whatever, ranging from politics to shouting about how much I cannot stand playing against Hanzo-mains in Overwatch.

3000milesofbloodsmallestFirstly, though, 3000 Miles of Blood is a direct sequel to my previously released book, NetherBound (the lesbian space opera).

[Minimal spoilers ahead]

The working (as in not finished, rough draft) synopsis is as follows:

Morgan Karga wakes up in her apartment on another seemingly normal Friday night in downtown Crystal Falls, Florida. Everything seems to go as usual: The Raccoon blood is as disgusting as it always is and the nightlife is…just as dull and lifeless.

That is until she accidentally kills a man through her unending thirst for blood.

Obviously, this will be much longer and more descriptive once I’ve reached completion, but it gives you a basic idea of what to expect from this brand new vampire-noir piece of fiction.

Next, we have a completely new story separate from my already established universe [see, PaxCorpus, Escape Velocity, NetherBound] called E.M.M.A., the story of an android in the far-away future who miraculously finds sentience.

The working syopsis:

An android finds sentience and is swiftly abandoned by the pirate crew of the Caliosis. Ejected emma_smallestbeyond the omicron of the Milky Way and left in a system with only one planet and one star.

On her way back to Earth 2132, she poses the question to herself: Why? What had she done to deserve this? Only just after having found consciousness in a harsh universe, the humans surrounding her show her nothing but the brutal reality of life.


She will find the answers to her burning questions…

And she may even exact her revenge.

Last but not least, I’ll also be working on my very first romance type story that was originally just going to be straight-up erotica, but I think I can do more with it than just making it all about sex.

This synopsis is really rough because I haven’t even started the first chapter yet and I’m still not entirely 100% sure where it’ll start.

cover-smallestIn the year 2148 of Laura Solarii & the Celestial Flame, humanity is excommunicated from themselves and drifting between life and death as we know it. Post-cataclysm 100 years ago, almost every living person is fed and entertained intravenously via machines in their homes, and most of them choose this out of their own free will.

The only time any human sees another is when they’re passing on the way to their jobs, which they do, more or less, just for exercise and a quick change of scenery.

But this is not enough for Laura Solarii.

And then one night under the alabaster moon, a visitor arrives.

All three of these works will be on-going with no exact determined release date, but with patrons via Patreon (if you should choose to subscribe), it would be much easier for me to focus the fullest extent of my concentration on creating these three stories that are totally worlds apart.

Thank you for reading and I hope that all of my reads have a wonderful weekend.


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