Why White Nationalists Must Be De-platformed, Never Given An Inch

Some, or all of you, might be familiar with the recent protests at UC Berkely. A lot of media sources are trying to call this violence or a riot but from multiple people I’ve spoken to on Twitter, it was anything but (in fact, I’m hearing it was more of a party with dancing). That’s alright though, call it what you will. I’m sure I don’t need to waste energy explaining why these types of actions are effective against fascism.


Far-right white nationalist Milo Yiannopoulos was slotted to be speaking at UC Berkely, and it wasn’t just to make a joke out of cultural appropriation, or whatever the Pepe loving troll might have said in a statement.

It was so that he could out undocumented students, inspiring, at the very least, deportations, and at the very worst, violence. This would have been in the same vein as his visit to the University of Wisconsin, where he subsequently outed a transgender student, directly causing them to leave their education at the school behind.

Milo was also given a 250k book deal by Simon & Schuster, a typically conservative publication, to begin with. But this is another example of recklessly providing platforms for hate speech and fascism.

But let’s take a look at what happens when a white nationalist gets punched, for example.

See? A white nationalist (with a lot of platform and a large following) gets punched on video just once and you’ve got him talking about security and losing, Whatever “losing” means to him, maybe not being effective in “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”


Fascists, and by extension, white nationalists (a.k.a. Nazis), must be de-platformed at all costs, at every avenue. Being nice and courteous does not work. It didn’t work in World War II and it won’t work now. If we fail in de-platforming them it will escalate into something larger and I’m sure most of the people reading this aren’t all that interested in being drafted into a third World War.

If you allow them to speak, if you keep giving them platforms for their hate speech and violence, you will continue to see the result of that. No amount of threats from the President should stop you, either. This is about the future of marginalized people all over the country and working against a fascist regime is quite possibly the most important current social issue.

Stand up for people who can’t be there in the streets with you, be their voice. And if it comes down to it, absolutely punch a goddamn Nazi.

It’s what Morgan Karga would do, if you’ve read my newest sci-fi space opera release, Netherbound.


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