What Makes Trans Exclusionary Radical “Feminists” Fascists?

Update: Since there is an actual TERF linking to this post in their disgusting “editorial” I’m just going to point their readers to this article.

This is a pretty controversial topic, at least with transmisogynistic people on Tumblr who refuse to look even a millimeter into the abuse and violence behind the movement they so unwaveringly support.

To answer the proposed question, we have to look at where T.E.R.F.s come from in the first place, and I say that lightly because Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists are anything but feminists.


Out of a movement that stems from second wave feminism rooted in the seventies, we can start with a woman named Janice Raymond, who aided in legislation that cut-off health insurance benefits to transgender women (and subsequently, over the following decades, caused upward of at least one hundred thousands deaths).

And then we can talk about how, despite denial, the T.E.R.F. or “gender critical” movement is overwhelmingly populated by middle-class white women. A lot of them are what intersectional feminists might call “white feminists,” i.e., only interested in their own prosperity and liberation at the expense of those less fortunate (see: black men and women, transgender people).

Or we could look at Germaine Greer, who stood in front of an audience to speak about “lopping off dicks,” and since she’s so “educated” about the process in which transition happens (sarcasm), maybe we should look at one of her published books, which easily paints her as a pedophile.

That’s strange right? An outspoken bigot, also a pedophile? Who knew.

Perhaps, though, you’ve heard of Cathy Brennan, prolific anti-trans “activist” who calls herself a feminist while she has at least half a decade of harassment, bullying and doxing behind her, immediately pointed at not just transgender women, but literally children. Maybe you’d just like to see her Twitter timeline which is mostly absolutely riddled with disgusting rhetoric against transgender women.

And then there was that one time at MichFest (when it was still a yearly thing) where an entire crowd of these so-called feminists threatened to rape and murder a transgender teenager, and then lied in an interview about why they did what they did.

Perhaps you’d be more interested in exploring their gaggle of blogs that promote hate speech and violence.

These are examples of some of the most outspoken T.E.R.F.s in the violent movement, but even with this evidence, can you really call them fascists? Yes. Why?

To come to that conclusion, we then have to talk about western colonization and the effects that western ideas have had on cultures around the world. How virtually all indigenous tribes in The Americas, Africa, and Australia had sacred traditions involving homosexual and transgender identities, which western colonialism erased from history. (read more on that topic here)

downloadThen we should probably talk about how almost every argument a T.E.R.F. brings to the table about transgender women can be exposed as either misogynistic attacks that men point at women, that these so-called feminists use as weapons against transgender women, or literally suggesting eugenics and/or genocide. How everything they say and do in order to aid in the destruction of our rights and identities is a direct betrayal of the feminist movement that they claim to stand for.

I.e., we’re just talking hypocrisy now, blind hatred.

Trans exclusionary radical feminism is racist, it is western colonialism—it is fascism. They may not be recognized as such as easily as Nazis are, but that’s just because the blood on their hands is more easily hidden from the public, you know, considering how much of a struggle it’s been over the decades to even get the public to acknowledge the identities of transgender people.

And don’t even get me started on how almost all history behind lesbian transgender women has either been stifled or completely erased (lesbian, not synonymous with T.E.R.F.).

This was difficult to write, as I have been the target of a lot of abuse from these people over the years, but as an anti-fascist I have to speak out against all forms of fascism, or even just plain old hate speech and bigotry. Because, if not for outspoken transgender women, there’d barely be anyone doing the talking.

Morgan Karga, the starship commander of my most recently published sci-fi space opera, would most certainly never give a T.E.R.F. an inch, especially since her lesbian partner in the story was previously a transgender woman in her human stage of life.


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