[#NetherBound] The Book Trump Would Sign An Executive Order To Ban, Now Fully Released

“A lead cast of women, two of which are lesbians, one is technically a vampire, the other is made of synthetic parts and was a transgender woman in her human stage of life? Not only that, but they’re antifascist, pro-socialism?” Bannon drops his tablet onto the scratched glass that covers his desk. “Bring me my drafting pen!” He shouts, rubbing crusty fingers over the sweaty glass of his fifth whiskey sour today.

But seriously, the rise of fascism in the United States is one of the most important social issues today. Marginalized people all across the country are being stripped of their rights and separated from their families, the media is being stricken down and people very close to Trump are being fired for daring to defy him.

These are not good times.

So why not grab a copy of NetherBound? Escape for a little while? Not only would you be directly supporting the hard work of a transgender woman, but you’d be helping yourself, too. We all need a little escape and self care every once in a while.

I’ll let the short description to the rest of the talking…

Morgan Karga wakes up on a derelict space vessel, her entire crew is dead and she has no memory of how it happened. With less than a day remaining on life support she must find the truth and bring justice, once and for all, to the betrayer, no matter the cost. Out of luck, out of time and out for blood.

NetherBound is available at Smashwords (in multiple formats), iBooks, the Nook, the Kobo, the Kindle and now also available in paperback.

And if that’s not enough for you, there are two books that came before it! Although, neither are completely required in order to enjoy NetherBound.


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