NetherBound: Now Available For Preorder Everywhere

As some of you may have already known, I’m also an author, and this week my very next book is finally up for preorder!

In the sequel to Meryl S. Kavanagh’s PaxCorpus and Escape Velocity, Morgan Karga awakens on a derelict space vessel known only as the Tredecim, trapped within a super-massive black hole and life support running out. With her entire crew either missing or dead, with only the help of the ship’s artificial intelligence, she must simultaneously force her way through her past and find the betrayer before time runs out.

But when she does, when she finally breaks free over the event horizon, a much darker truth is revealed.

Millions of light years from Andromeda, the Tredecim orbits a rogue planet host to a partially synthetic race that closely resembles humanity. Upon descending to the planet’s surface, she quickly realizes that even the reality of her own existence is extremely flawed, and then she’s taken in. Through conversation it is revealed that this particular rogue planet is not just any rogue planet.

It is Earth.

Everything, all of the bad and the destruction, the murder and the betrayal, all of this can be traced back to one person and one person alone—Julianna Moretti, maniacal madwoman on a rampage to bring down both galaxies and reign in humanity as their supreme leaders, and if you know anything about supremacist regimes, they are nothing short of terrifying.

With the help of her new romantic partner, Paige, a woman who has existed on old Earth for more time than you could possibly fathom, and a few new additions to the crew, they have only one mission: Stop Julianna and secure all life that remains on Earth before the catastrophic event that triggers the imbalance of it’s gravitational poles.

But everything, good or bad, comes with a cost.

NetherBound is available for preorder on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, the Kobo and the Nook.

Release is set for January 31st, 2017, but this is more like an “at the latest” sorta deal. I could and most likely will probably finish it earlier, so if you preorder you can maybe expect a surprise sooner than the end of January.


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