On FanFiction (continued)

Recently, I did a post on fanfiction about how it may or may not be negatively impacting the creative writing and fiction scenes, wherein it’s speculated that pulling all support for works that reinforce brands already backed by rich corporations is stifling those who are writing their own stories.

But then I read something on Tumblr, and I know, a lot of people hate Tumblr. But that hate is usually rooted in a whole bunch of misogyny, considering most of the hatred comes from men who are aggravated at the fact that women have a social platform that isn’t boiling over with Neo-Nazis and Gamergate trash.

Back to what I was talking about, though, I recently learned why so much fanfiction exists and why people lend so much support to it, outside of feeling iffy about taking the risk with new worlds and new characters.

And honestly it should have been clearer from the start: It’s marginalized people who use fanfiction to craft stories out of those that exist, that are popular and don’t cater to their desires for more diverse storytelling. As a trans woman who is marginalized in US society, this should have originally been abundantly clear to me, but I’m also very clouded sometimes due to a lot of things that have happened to me, due to a lot of experiences that have damaged me.

That’s not the only thing I learned though, I also found out that Anne Rice, hugely successful author, creator of the character Lestat, not only hates fanfiction, but has threatened to sue and has even doxed people who craft fanfiction based on her work.

If these two reasons aren’t enough to maybe dial it back on begrudging fanfic writers, I don’t know what is.

I mean, Anne Rice, an author who has since even seen movies based on her work that she likely totally authorized without objection, is willing to take the money she’s made and harm people. People that helped to put her in the position that she’s in now, fans. Because nobody in the creative world gets anywhere without fan support. And if part of fan support is fanfiction and fanart, then I wholeheartedly support it, especially in the face of harm and erasure.

Write whatever you want to write. Support writers, support independent authors, support marginalized people and their ideas.

Oppose those who would do you harm for doing something as harmless as enjoying their fucking work.


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