Calling All Trans Writers

I’ve got this idea, this plan. I know that with the right kind of and enough support that I could easily see it through, but this is not something that can be done alone. What I want to do is upstart a non-profit media domain for sharing struggles, information, news and so on and so forth to both directly counter fascist pandering media and spread awareness.

Think along the lines of something like TransAdvocate, except without the underhanded white supremacist agenda and about more than just trans related struggles.

Examples of what I’m not looking for:

TransAdvocate straight trans woman author waxes philosophical about whether criticizing marriage equality is homophobic or not (effectively suggesting that bisexual, lesbian and pansexual trans women are homophobic).

or something like this:


Basically, if you’re a liberal who thinks that we should cooperate with fascists, this isn’t the project for you.

Before I give a list of expectations and such, I first and foremost want to say that I do not want this to be a project completely dominated by white trans women. I am a white trans woman myself and as the creator of this project, I count as one writer.

And, because I’ve seen highly abusive behavior from other white trans women who have large social platforms, you should absolutely steer clear of this project if you’ve ever participated in behavior like that (gaslighting, manipulating, inspiring mobs of hate).

Since this is not a call-out post of any sort, names will not be mentioned. Although you can probably think of at least a few.

What I’m looking for in writers:

  • Antifascism is a plus
  • At least some experience with writing
  • Able to fact check, meaning, if you source an article it absolutely must not come from a fake news website and if you quote someone, they have to have actually made the quoted statement
  • Understand this will be nonprofit and all revenue will come from donations (writers will have their paypal/gofundme/patreon links in author profiles, but this does not mean there will never be money to directly pay writers)
  • If you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic and so on, you are not needed here
  • Transgender perspectives are a big plus
  • Know the difference between fighting fascism and Nazi behavior, i.e., fighting fascism, even with use of weaponry or violence is not the same as being a literal Nazi (i.e. a fascist)

That’s about it! If you’re still reading and still interested, click here, fill out this form and you’ll be added to a list of people to consider. In the meantime I’ll need to figure out a platform in which this can be funded (because domain and web hosting isn’t free). If you would like to donate directly to me in order to help get this started, just use my link for now (I think web hosting and domain registration costs like a minimum of 30 some dollars to get started).

If this does happen, you absolutely are not required to provide photos of yourself at all. Your author biography page will contain as much information as you’re comfortable giving.


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