It’s Not A Game [#NotMyPresident]

Over the course of the past week since the election I’ve seen a lot of different types of ideas and rhetoric coming from both the left and the right. I’ve seen the left trying to pin blame on Bernie supporters, on the poor, on millennials, on 3rd party voters and people who didn’t even vote (and I believe the true blame here is to be placed on the DNC presenting us with a candidate who failed to appeal to the working class and younger audiences).

46.6% of Americans didn’t even vote. 25.6 voted Hillary and 25.5 voted Trump.

I’ve seen people on the right going against Trump, including even Glenn Beck, although I wouldn’t call Beck 100% decent yet, as he recently spread a message that trans women are bullies and to blame for Trump (I’m currently waiting on a response from Beck in regards to this).

Both sides have groups of people who want to play nice and work with Trump, but we all know how that ends if fascism is the way this country is going to go.

One of the more disturbing things I’ve seen coming from the Trump camp, though, is this belief that this is all just politics, that it’s some kind of game and anyone who didn’t vote Trump “lost” and needs to just concede and respect the president-elect.

Like we were playing a game of Nintendo and we just need to pack up our controller and go home.



Or that protesting fascism is somehow undemocratic (even though it’s covered under the first amendment).

Aside from the racism and bigotry that got Trump elected in the first place, I think this kind of mentality was born from apathy to the minorities across the country who have been and will experience negative blow-back from a fascist president who wants nothing more than to deport millions of people, have millions more signed up in some sort of database and to reduce LGBT+ Americans to second class citizens.

This isn’t a game.

People are upset, people are concerned because lives are in danger. Hate crimes have increased since Trump’s election. People are protesting because this country is in trouble, a lot of trouble. And too many people either support what’s happening, or want to be neutral mediators in what’s quickly becoming a fascist state.

So, repeat after me:

A presidential election is not a game. The decisions you make affect other people. You do not live in a vacuum. Just because you might be someone unaffected by rampant bigotry (hey, that’s called privilege) doesn’t mean you should vote for a literal fascist who has the potential to absolutely decimate not only this country, but the lives of millions of people of color, LGBT+ people, the disabled and so many more.

And don’t even get me started on this ridiculous and imaginary conspiracy theory that protesters are being paid to oppose Trump. Your apathy and lack of understanding about the world around you is showing.


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